Shareholder was the first horse aquired by Andy. He is a classic American Quarter Horse gelding with a shiny copper sorrel coloring. Many of his seventeen years were spent as a western pleasure show horse. Since residing at Legacy Farm, Shareholder has been Andy’s primary riding horse. He has given hundreds of rides for adults and children. Shareholder is the alpha horse of the farm’s herd. Shareholder’s sire was “The Investor.” He always greets you with a whinny!Shareholder


Cocoa is our nursing home visitor. She is a miniature horse (her belly being an exception). She is everyone’s best friend. When a horse is seperated in an adjoining paddock, she spends time away from the rest of the herd visiting that horse. Cocoa has had many smaller riders.


Most people ask why a gray horse is named Midnight. The best answer we have is that Midnight was born black and turned white. You will notice black coloring on his legs. Midnight is about sixteen years old. He has given hundreds of rides to children. He is a Shetland and Welsh pony cross.


Nellie is broke to drive and ride. She is a Clydesdale and Shire cross. She is very photogenic making great keepsake photos with the fancy carriages. Nellie is seventeen and loves to trot! She is Andy’s first draft horse and has a beautiful disposition.


Fritz is a seven year old standard bred purchased from an amish family at auction for a buggy horse. Fritz is tall and amiable, slightly under weight, we are working to fatten him. Ruth went to an auction to buy a standard bred for the farm and came back with Fritz, oddly, Andy’s first dog that tragically died in an accident was named Fritz…coincidence or reincarnation returning to Legacy Farm?! Fritz drives beautifully and loves to trot, he has a slight giddy up in his gait that we will figure out.


DanDee was donated to Legacy Camps by Maynard and Betty Pittman, our first donation, the Pittman’s also donated a cart and harness…Thank you!! DanDee is a fourteen year old miniature gelding, and is adorable. DanDee is the omega horse of the herd and is Nellie’s arch enemy, luckily he has formed an alliance with Cocoa who protects him and is his constant companion. DanDee is hard to catch and very rambunctious while being harnessed (things we will fix), but he drives like a dream and couldn’t be any cuter…we love him!


Chicago was purchased at the same auction Nellie was purchased. Eva spotted Chicago immediately as a great match for Nellie and was not going home without him. An Amish family was selling the horse for a woman. We test drove Chicago and the Amish son rode him for us. Chicago was represented as 13 years old and a retired Chicago police horse. He’s adorable and Eva rides him often and we are starting to drive him and Nellie as a team. They make a beautiful team. Chicago will also be driven as a single carriage horse.

Mac and Nac

Mac and Nac are white percherons ten and eleven years old. Mac and Nac spent their career pulling carriages on Mackinac Island. They were also used in the livery giving tourists rides. Mac is a gelding and Nac is a mare. They are docile and loveable. We bought them at the same auction Vegas and Hollywood were purchased coincidentally it was the same seller we bought the paints from. Dean the seller delivered the horses to the farm, he also had the hay wagon for sale and we purchased that the same day. We have test drove Mac and Nac many times and are very excited for this team to be a part of Legacy Farm